Sunday, March 18, 2012

Downloading split tracklogs

TopoFusion split trcksA year or so ago I changed my tracklog settings to one point per second, which gave me more accurate trail mileage and ascent numbers. The problem is that most tracklogs are limited to 10,000 points, which means it rolls over to your archives in less than three hours. So you get home, try to download your track, and find that part is in the active track and part is in the track archives.  read more

Transferring features from a PDF map to your GPS

Transfer PDF map features to GPS I learned the other day about a new 10,000 acre tract of public lands near me. There are no trail maps of the area and I am dying to explore it (once all this rain stops). I’ll probably do another post on prepping my GPS for exploring there, but this one aspect warrants its own post.

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