Sunday, March 18, 2012

Free Garmin World Wide Basemap, Part II

Following a comment today, and further investigation when I got home, I’m going to retract what I said about the free Garmin World Wide Basemap, at least for the 60CSx. The transfer to my unit appears to have not worked, and I now believe that what I am seeing on the screen is nothing more than the 60CSx’s built-in Americas autoroute basemap.

I have no reason to believe that it would not work in a nuvi, and I have to wonder if it wouldn’t work for any Garmin mapping GPS, if you ran it through MapSource, which requires significant effort. We’re talking registry hacks or the use of GPS Map Manager as described in my book.

On the bright side, my existing basemap does seem to be intact! My apologies if I got your hopes up for something both free AND easy.

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  1. Oh well!

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  4. The map indeed works in 60CSX. What you need to do is rename the original GMAPBMAP.IMG to GMAPSUPP.IMG and then copy it to your memory card, into Garmin folder. IMPORTANT: If there is already existing GMAPSUPP.IMG file and you overwrite it, your existing maps (that have been loaded with Mapsource or Sendmap) will be lost and replaced with this new worldwide basemap. So need to use different memory cards for basemap and other maps, if more maps need to be loaded.

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