Sunday, March 18, 2012

Free waypoint manager: EasyGPS

Choosing_mapping_software_5Though it’s not really a mapping program per se, EasyGPS is a great piece of software, especially suited for those just beginning to learn the capabilities of their GPS. You may not be ready to spend money on a sophisticated mapping program yet, but you’re piling up waypoints faster than your GPS receiver’s memory can handle them (many have a limit of 500 waypoints).

Well, EasyGPS is the answer, and it’s free. In addition to handling waypoints, you can also create routes with it. Plus, it’s geocaching friendly, because it handles both .loc and .gpx format files.

Shameless plug — There is a chapter on EasyGPS (and over a dozen other GPS programs) in my book — GPS Mapping: Make Your Own Maps.

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  1. unfortunately the software is pc only…

  2. Lukas Ferreira says:

    I nead software and maps for Sudan in Africa we are doing telecomunication rollout in the country and I need to plot the base stations on the software and print the maps for construction teams to lacate the sites. Can you please help

  3. Lukas,
    Check out this post:
    Then this post:
    I think that will get you started.

  4. I have Tomtom 135 gps and I nead Amaps for Sudan in Africa we are Thinking for navigation system in the country. Can you please help

  5. Rich Owings says:

    There are no TomTom maps available for Sudan. You’d be better off with a Garmin, and even then they may be limited.

  6. I want to create waypoint at a time 100 using excel or note pad.

    it is posible in this Garmin BaseCamp version 3.1.2

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