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LMT, nuLink and the nu Garmins

UPDATE: LM and LMT pages on GPS Tracklog:

It’s been a few days since a batch of nu Garmins were announced, and I finally have some details for you. Let’s start off with a quick look at some nu Garmin marketing jargon.

An abbreviated look at LMTs

Garmin has apparently dropped the LMU (lifetime maps updates) designation, in favor of LTs (lifetime traffic), LMs (lifetime maps) and LMTs (lifetime maps and traffic). Hopefully, this will avoid any confusion with TomTom’s TM units, which stands for lifetime traffic and maps (though I wonder how many people think it means trademark).

I’m still trying to get used to the nuLink 1695 moniker; Amazon is calling it the nüvi 1695. As for me, I can’t quite bring myself to add Garmin’s exclamation mark to the nuLink model. I think its enough that I remember to lower case the n, capitalize the L, capitalize the LMTs, and not capitalize the t in handheld units. Sheesh! And speaking of marketing, that big FREE in the image above doesn’t exactly speak to truth in advertising. It looks like the cost is $20 for lifetime traffic and $40 for lifetime maps. Pretty good deals, but not free!

Nuvi 2xxx feature set

Here’s a rundown of some of the distinguishing features on the 2200 and 2300 series nuvis:

  • 2200 – 3.5” screen; lower 48 states
  • 2250 – 3.5” screen; US, Canada & Mexico; lane assist
  • 2300 – 4.3” screen; lower 48 states
  • 2350 – 4.3” screen; US, Canada & Mexico; lane assist & junction view; trafficTrends
  • 2360 – 4.3” screen; US, Canada & Mexico; dual-orientation screen; voice commands; lane assist & junction view; trafficTrends; 3D buildings and terrain; Bluetooth
  • 2370 – 4.3” screen; US, Canada, Mexico & Europe; voice commands; lane assist & junction view; trafficTrends; 3D buildings; Bluetooth

Upcoming nuvis

The following chart shows all the upcoming nuvis (and nuLinks) that I am aware of:

Model (Garmin page) Amazon page MSRP Release date
(from Amazon)
nuLink 1695 Amazon $449.99 Oct. 1
nuvi 2200 Amazon $149.99 Nov. 5
nuvi 2250 Amazon $159.99 Nov. 5
nuvi 2250LT Amazon $179.99 Nov. 5
nuvi 2300 Amazon $199.99 Unknown
nuvi 2300LM Amazon $239.99 Unknown
nuvi 2350 Amazon $209.99 Unknown
nuvi 2350LT Amazon $229.99 Unknown
nuvi 2350LMT Amazon $269.99 Unknown
nuvi 2360LT Amazon $259.99 Unknown
nuvi 2360LMT Amazon $299.99 Unknown
nuvi 2370LT Amazon $299.99 Unknown
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  1. Have you heard anything about the 500 series from Garmin. I like it (waterproof), but I’d like it more if there was a 4.3 version.

  2. Free lifetime maps!

    But… what if you buy a new GPS unit in 2 years???

    Still FREE?

    I doubt it!

  3. Do the 2300 series replace the 255/265? (two years old now) I need a GPS now, but I’m thinking I should wait until these 2300 are available.

  4. Pythagoras says:

    How do these compare with the 12xx, 13xx and 14xx series?

    I can’t wait to see these two series compared…

  5. Anybody think the 2300 series will be any smarter than my 255wt? I really like my 255wt, but it’s got a few quirks and a kind of speech impediment when it comes to pronounce the word “left”….often sounding like “ret”.

  6. Vernon Eide says:

    I have a 265wt, I like it but we have a Motor Home and the 265wt does not have the programing (routing)for truck routes. We sometime get into areas with our Motor Home that we shouldn’t be. My question is , I am looking at the Garmin 1450lmt, can it be programed to pick up the truck routes??

  7. I currently have an older Tomtom which I’m ok with. I’d like to buy at least a 4.3-5.0 screen with at least lifetime maps and “Lane Assist”. I did buy a another TomTom but returned it because it only had one voice that did the “Text to Speech”. I was ok with the sound of her voice but she wasn’t loud enough even at the highest volume. I could only hear her if the car radio was turned down. Although it did come with different voices, none of them did the “Text to Speech” option. I welcome any advice. Thanks, Randy

    • The nuvi 37xx series are quite loud, but since they are new, they’re still pretty pricey. The TomToms are usually more reasonable, especially for 5″ models and/or for ones with lifetime maps. I’m not sure what else to say without some more specific questions.

  8. Best deals on the market right now are the TomTom XXL 540TM with lifetime traffic and maps and the Garmin 255W. The TomTom is $129 and Garmin is $89 (both on A..zon). The TomTom has a lot of features, but has a few quirks and no SD card slot. The Garmin also has a few quirks, but I think it slightly more reliable. If I had to buy right now, I’d probably get the TomTom since the $89 Garmin has no traffic or lifetime maps. I’m gonna keep my 255wt until the price of the Garmin 2360LMT gets cut in half. Yeah, I’ll be waiting a while.

  9. Yeah, Rich….didn’t notice that you’re linking to Amazon. Kudos.
    Thus have to change my opinion….best deal on the Garmin is now the 265WT (bluetooth) for $115. Actually a killer deal for both the TomTom AND the Garmin. The question is…how long before the Garmin 2360LMT ($299) comes into the $150-175 range? I’m guessing around a year or so.

    • Yep, Black Friday 2011 for sure, but hopefully a bit sooner. Interesting that Garmin hasn’t managed to deliver any 2300 series models yet. Right now I think we’re looking at the week before Christmas.

  10. EXTREMELY weak of Garmin to be missing out on this precious sales time of year. Holy Lost Sales, Batman!

  11. …and just noticed that the new 2360LMT is a bit thinner than my 255wt….but at the expense of battery life. Mine has around 4-4.5hrs, whereas the new ones are around 2.5hrs. Not a good trade-off in my opinion. Everything else about it, I like.

  12. Donald Usher says:

    Thanks for answering my last question.New one,the3760,3790 units versus the 1690 unit?

    • Glad to.

      I’d take the 3700 series for its historic road speed database (for better routing), ability to learn your preferred routes, and thinness, over the 1690’s connected feature. You might have different preferences though.

  13. Your comparison charts are great and a huge help! Have been hunting for a Christmas gift with specs of the Nuvi 2370LT (incl Europe maps, widescreen, lane assist, etc). Do you have any recommendations for a good alternative model in case the 2370LT isn’t available by Christmas – hopefully one that won’t seem obsolete by next year? Thanks!

  14. Unrelated factoid: Just added my voice to my Garmin using Garmin Garage Voices feature. Totally awesome and fun, but unfortunately it turns off the regular text-to-speech feature = no announcement of street names, which really sucks and pretty much spoils the voice feature.
    Too bad that it can’t combine both.

    • Don’t really think that’s possible. You’d need a program that could turn your voice into a computerized voice. Or record the name of every street in the world!

  15. Actually, you’d need something to recognize which commands were made by user (only around 65 of them, and they’re already digitized) versus street names needing to be pronounced, then switch back and forth. Could probably be done fairly easily, methinks.

  16. Absolutely! 🙂

  17. Putting aside the glass front and more 3-D images, is the Nuvi 2360 LMT (at $200 less) just as good as the Nuvi 3790 LMT?

    • I think the other major difference would be thickness. And I don’t believe it has a powered mount. Also, it probably can’t rotate to portrait view. I agree though; its a much better deal.

  18. Actually, I believe that the 2360 does indeed have rotate/portrait view ability.

  19. One other question…My current Nuvi 660 now has sprung one of its 10 copper connectors located in the back of the unit. When I push it down it springs back up. I can still ease it in the beanbag mount but I am wondering if one loose connector will slowly do the unit in.

    Any thoughts?

  20. Patricia says:

    Hi Rich,
    Thanks for all your research! I have an garmin 265wt I want to upgrade for an italy trip. I’m looking at the 2370 I can get for around $240 or a refurbished 775 for $189. The money is not the most important issue. I want an accurate gps. A lifetime map option is available for $339 for the 2370 model. I wonder if it includes maps for europe too? Do you think I should get the europe city navigator too? Many thanks,

  21. Patricia says:

    Thanks Rich, I ordered it today. It was the best deal and the shipping to Hawaii was really fair. I’ll let you know how It works for us.

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