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This week in GPS — June 29th, 2013

This week in GPS is a weekly link roundup of (mostly) GPS related odds and ends, from GPS Tracklog and other places around the Web. To get a few of the biggest stories as they break, follow me on Twitter. This week’s lead video is via @maproomblog.

From GPS Tracklog

Our posts from the past week:


Coverage maps for new Garmin Trailhead Series maps of Pacific Northwest National Trail and Arizona National Scenic Trail

Coverage maps for new Garmin Trailhead Series releases

Satellite communicators

The business of GPS



GPS in the news

Satellites and such

GPS tracking


Going mobile

Just geo

South America satellite imagery without clouds

South America, before and after

All the news that doesn’t fit

Updated GPS reviews

I’ve updated these review and resource pages with the following links:

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  1. Camouflaged Monterras eh? Yes, because when I drop my GPS I want it to instantly blend into the surrounding area. 🙂

  2. Rich,
    The “MAP” video is priceless! Where did you find it?

  3. flightsimjoe says:

    This week in GPS — June 29th, 2013
    ◾Random thought:
    Why does the Garmin Oregon 650 use a NiMH battery pack, while the Monterra uses Li-ion?
    The Montana/Monterra works with 3.6 Volts, eather with the Li-Ion or 3 NiMH batteries.
    The Oregon works with 2.4 Volts and 2 NiMH batteries-battery pack.
    There is no Li-Ion rechargeable battery for 2.4 Volts.

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