Sunday, March 18, 2012

Creating Pocket Queries Along A Route


Most geocachers will be familiar with the concept of pocket queries.  This feature on the Geocaching website allows premium members of the site to download a large number of caches based on certain criteria (location, type, difficulty, etc.).  If you have been geocaching for some time and have premium membership it’s likely you will be well-versed in creating them.  However,  they are more flexible than you might initially imagine.

When you create a pocket query you will, most likely, do a search radiating out from a particular cache or location.  That’s usually good enough to ensure that it captures all the caches you intend to do for the day.  But what happens if you‘re intending to travel from A to B grabbing all the caches along the way?  What if the distance between those two points means that creating a radius big enough for the pocket query to contain all those caches gives more results than a pocket query allows or your GPS will hold? read more

Creating Pocket Queries With GSAK



As regular readers will know, I’m a big fan of a piece of software called the Geocaching Swiss Army Knife (or GSAK) and recommend it to any serious geocacher.  At its most basic, it’s a database for geocaches which you can use to generate advanced find statistics.  But its flexibility means you can do a lot more with it, from speeding up your cache logging through the use of templates, to planning a day out.

One of the great things about GSAK is uncovering these really powerful, time-saving features that make geocaching less about administration and planning, and more about going out there and finding Tupperware.  read more

Geocaching Abroad

2014-02-09 09.41.50

Have you ever looked at your geocaching statistics on the website, found yourself clicking on the maps tab and feeling disappointed in the number of places you’ve cached in the world? Or you have you got an upcoming holiday and are wondering whether there are any caches you could do whilst on vacation?

Either way, geocaching abroad is both an exciting and terrifying prospect.  So if you are thinking you might indulge this summer, before you grab your GPS, suntan lotion and sombrero, consider these handy tips. read more

Creating a geocaching itinerary

Geocache route planning

So have you ever gone out to do a series of geocaches only to find that you went straight past one that wasn’t part of the series?  Or have constantly reminded yourself that  there’s a quick ‘cache and grab’ a quarter of a mile down a side road by number 20 of the main series only to then forget once you are out in the field?  When I am out caching with my friends, sometimes ensuring we do the right geocaches in the right order can be something akin to herding cats.  We waste a lot of time working out which geocache we should be using next and ensuring everyone is on the same page. read more

Planning Geocaching Days Out

Geocaching planning using the map

I don’t know if you’re like me, but come the weekend my motley crew and I want to go out geocaching.  Trouble is that it usually gets left to me to organise things.  And with that invariably comes a list of requirements: injuries that mean we have to limit the distance walking, or restrictions due to someone needing to be back by a certain time, or warnings that people are bringing pets and so don’t want to cross a lot of fields with livestock.  And if you’ve been geocaching for some time you find that you’ve done all the local series and it seems like there is nowhere to go. read more

The Ultimate Geocaching GPSr Field Test

The ultimate geocaching GPS field test

If there’s anything to get a discussion going amongst Geocachers it’s the subject of GPS units.  With so much choice out there, knowing which one to buy can be difficult.  And geocachers have a very narrow focus.  We don’t care about all the added features, we just want to be able to navigate to geocaches.  And so with that in mind a few geocachers and I had an idea to have a field test and crown one of them the best for geocaching. read more

A Geocacher’s review of the Oregon 650

Garmin Oregon 650 geocacher review

Any geocacher will tell you that their most important piece of kit is the GPSr.  Whilst some are happy to casually geocache with a smartphone, those of us who are a little more ‘dedicated’ treat the selection of a new GPSr with the upmost of care. read more

Geocaching: Trackables 101

Geocaching trackables

It’s likely that if you’ve ever been geocaching, you’ve heard people talk about trackables.  But if you’ve ever wondered what exactly they are or how they form part of the game this article should give you the answers to all the basics and provide a few tips for moving trackables or setting off one of your own. read more


Gunung Raja Earthcache

Gunung Raja Earthcache; via Flickr/CamSwitzer

As geocachers we are accustomed to all different sorts of geocache: from clip lock boxes to fake screws; from nano containers the size of a little finger, to large ammo cans; from suburban geocaches to ones atop mountains. It’s this diversity that gives geocaching its broad appeal. read more

Alternatives to

Geocaching alternatives

Typically if someone was to ask where to go to find Geocache listings, they would be pointed towards the original listing site, But that is not the only one, and this month we take a look at some of the alternative listing sites available for geocachers and some of the differences in terms of the features they offer. read more