Sunday, March 18, 2012

Load multiple maps to your Garmin without renaming them

Load multiple Garmin maps simultaneously without renaming them

I was a bit surprised this morning when I saw this comment

…these days if you choose multiple products to install on your device from Basecamp they are uploaded as separate img files anyway so you do get one per product.

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UPDATED: Garmin Cloud Storage

Garmin Cloud Storage

Garmin Cloud Storage lets you sync data between computers

UPDATE: Now available for Mac too.

UPDATE 2: Looks like it has been temporarily pulled.

BaseCamp 4.1.0 for Windows has been released and with it has come Garmin Cloud Storage. Here’s what they have to say about it in the Garmin BaseCamp forum: read more

Garmin BaseCamp Wiki

Garmin BaseCampEven though it’s been around for several years, Garmin’s free BaseCamp program continues to befuddle folks. But with the discontinuation of MapSource, more of you are braving the waters. We’ve linked to video tutorials before but now comes additional help for those of you who prefer your how-to’s in text form. A Garmin BaseCamp wiki has been created, and it’s off to a great start with lots of detailed info on how to accomplish various tasks. read more

Organizing your data in Garmin BaseCamp

Want to better understand how Garmin BaseCamp organizes your data? You’re not alone, as it is probably the most confusing aspect of the program. Looks like the company finally got the message as they have posted a very helpful video tutorial (PC version above; Mac version here). read more

Garmin Adventures: A sneak peek

Garmin Adventures hasn’t been officially announced to the general public yet, but there’s enough information available to give you a good peek at what’s coming. Basically, it seems to be a social/outdoor adventure sharing website, that integrates with BaseCamp, allowing you to download “adventures” to your Garmin (see screenshots below). read more

Garmin trail map downloads now work in BaseCamp

While prepping a review of the Garmin Trailhead Series Appalachian Trail map, I wanted to verify that it couldn’t be used in BaseCamp. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it did indeed work! The screenshot above shows a route on the AT in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. read more

Garmin BaseCamp video tutorials

Garmin’s BaseCamp program is powerful but it can be confusing to new users. Fortunately, Garmin has posted a series of video tutorials covering most of the basics. Even the introductory video is good as it clearly explains what “My Collection” is and how the lists under it can be used. There are Mac and PC versions of the videos. I’m filing this under handhelds, although BaseCamp can be used to a certain extent with some auto units too. Here’s the Intro to BaseCamp for PC video, followed by a full list of the BaseCamp tutorials…
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Goodbye MapSource

MapSource-discontinuedGoodbye MapSource, hello BaseCamp. Alas, Garmin has stopped development on their MapSource mapping program – no further releases are planned. A Garmin developer let the cat out of the bag yesterday in a post on the Garmin  forum…

…MapSource has not been worked on in quite a while, and there will be no new releases of that software. You are of course welcome to keep using MapSource, we will keep it on the website for the foreseeable future.

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