Sunday, March 18, 2012

Garmin Trailhead series–AT & PCT

Trailhead-AT-PCTGarmin has rolled out a new 24K topo map collection, the Trailhead Series, starting with two titles  — the Appalachian Trail (AT) and the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). No word yet on the  Continental Divide Trail (CDT), which isn’t as well mapped, so its arrival may not be imminent.

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Improved map controls for new Garmin handhelds

Garmin map profiles Garmin rolled out several new updates yesterday for the Colorado, Dakota and Oregon series. There were a few fixes, but I want to concentrate on them adding BirdsEye control to profiles. I’m not really sure if you could do this with other map types before; regardless though, I want to point out the granular map controls now available to users of these units, allowing you to easily switch between map types.

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Garmin international topo maps

Garmin-international-topos A lot of new topo map products have shown up on Garmin’s website. Some of these may have been available for awhile, but most appear to be new. I’ll also note that they seem to be different than the offerings from Garmin’s long running third-party MapSource developer program. In addition to the U.S., Canada, Great Britain and Australia, I’m now seeing:

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