Sunday, March 18, 2012

UPDATED: Weekend GPS deals at Amazon

Black Friday week GPS deals at AmazonUPDATED on Monday, December 2.

The deals are still rolling, so let’s take a fresh look at what Amazon is offering. Be sure to keep an eye on the Black Friday deals week GPS Amazon page, as things change and there are many short-term “lightning deals!”

Auto GPS deals

Handheld GPS deals

Sport GPS deals

For more bargains see our full list of current GPS deals.

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  1. Hey Rich,
    Ist I want to say you site is awesome !!!
    Got a question for you, want to know if the Mountek nG6000g Mount ( says it fits the 17mm ball pattern) will fit the 3490LMT?
    I am newbie GPS Owner, don’t know where to look for those kind of specs, so I am turning to you.
    Thanks so much,

  2. Hey Rich,
    Got another question (s) for you, I bought the 3490LMT through your link to
    as it was on the Lightning deal for $129.99. Now having second thoughts (also really like 2597LMT), I really could use some help deciding which unit would be best for me. My number one on the wants list is accuracy in routing. PERIOD. Number two would be which unit has the BEST voice recognition in the voice command area. After that I’m kinda up in the air, on one hand I like the dashboard feature, BUT, I also find that knowing what road you are currently on
    a definite plus as when I travel ( which is when I would primarily use whatever unit I buy / keep) I don’t know the areas I am in, going through and going towards.I really like Lane Assist, Juntion and Birds eye view. I beleive both of these units have all of them.Exit Services and Up Ahead both seem very beneficial as well
    If there is a standout unit, either between these two, or another one you could highly recommend to meet my requirements, I would greatly appreciate your input / direction. I know the choice is my responsibility, and I have done extesive research on your website, which is fantastic, however I’m stuck, I feel I got a great deal on the 3490LMT, BUT now I am not sure it was the best choice, PLEASE HELP !!!

    • Assuming you have the maps updated and all settings the same, they should both be equal in terms of routing accuracy.

      I found voice command to work better on the 2597LMT, but a software update could have improved its performace on the 3490LMT.

      Hope this helps.

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