Sunday, March 18, 2012

UPDATED: Thanksgiving weekend 2012 GPS deals roundup

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This deal has expired!

Here is a list of current GPS deals

The deals just keep coming, so today we’ll winnow through them to find a handful of the best in each category. Each batch of  is generally listed from low-end units to high-end models, and most include free shipping. Prices do fluctuate and things sell out. If you see that a deal is gone, drop a note in the comments and I’ll remove it from the list. On to the deals!…

Best auto GPS deals

Best handheld GPS deals

Best sport GPS deals

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By following the above links, I get a small fee with every purchase you make (it comes out of the merchant’s pocket, not yours). This is the only way I can justify the time and effort it takes to manage GPS Tracklog. You’ll be seeing quite a few deals show up here through the Monday after Thanksgiving; after that  they should slow significantly, and we’ll “return to our regular programing.” Thank you for your support, which allows me to keep bringing you the latest GPS reviews, news, tips and tricks!

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